The Noel Group

With over 27 years’ experience providing resources to many of the country’s leading employers and events; the Noel Group is now one of Ireland’s best recognised and largest recruitment organisations. With our seven specialised brands operating from 10 locations throughout Ireland, our industry-specific recruiters supply your business with candidates who are best suited to your specific requirements.

Our Specialist Brands, such as Noel DrivingNoel HospitalityNoel IndustrialNoel HealthcareSkills Team provide temporary or permanent candidates and a full range of industry-specific training and HR services to sectors as diverse as hospitality, healthcare, driving, industrial, accountancy, office, secretarial, sales, marketing, IT, banking and finance in Ireland.

Why not use our experience and our specialised recruitment knowledge to help build the best team for your business?

What we do?

  • Introduce you to the best people
  • Outsourced business solutions from Recruitment to Team Development and back of house support
  • Ongoing training for you and your staff
  • Staffing solutions for short and long-term periods, including seasonal ramps ups and key staff replacement and expansion
  • Constant on and off-site client support from inductions to disciplinary and HR support
Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening

Research tells us that more than 50% of all new hires fail. At a cost of 150% of annual salary, this is to be avoided. This is why we focus most of our effort at the beginning of the recruitment process. Recruitment with us is treated as a project and our project approach is heavily front-loaded, with a lot of time spent with our customers planning and creating contingencies.

Our early project time is heavily invested in detailed role profiling, understanding the need and what the perfect fit will look like. In creating the role profile, we will meet with the key stakeholders, get an impression of the key individuals, we will listen carefully, meet with the team to understand the dynamics and build an organisational culture assessment.

When reviewing applicants – we will assess the relevance of the CV to the role applied for, the flow of the CV, the quality of the presentation (Spelling, grammar, and general literacy.) and we will note carefully any date gaps.

Interview Experts


Depending on the client requirements – we choose the right kind of interview to deliver the right kind of candidate.


Standard candidate acquisition flow:

  1. Client /Candidate Brief Acquisition: A detailed brief is taken from the client in a face to face meeting with key stakeholders.
  2. Custom Print/Media Campaign: Customised Advertisements are placed on all National newspapers and any other relevant publications.
  3. Database and Social Media Campaign: Existing Database is searched, known likely candidates are contacted and Social Media campaign is designed and initiated.
  4. Telephone Interview: Appropriate candidates expressing an interest are contacted with a view to creating the preliminary list of suitable applicants.
  5. Short List Created: A short list of no more than 6 candidates is produced and face to face interviews are conducted to produce interview list.
  6. First Round Interviews: Generally four candidates are selected for First round client interviews.
  7. Second Round Interviews: By agreement with Client, second round interviews are arranged for two front-runners.
  8. Final Selection: Once the final decision is reached the job offer is prepared and issued to the selected candidate. All unsuccessful applicants are regretted.

Of course, depending on client requirements, we can and frequently do create bespoke processes. Get in touch if you require something we haven’t outlined here.


Candidate Insurance

All of our temporary workers are covered by public liability insurance. Ensuring they can confidently do their work.


Noel Group Company Locations:

Dublin City Locations: 46 & 47 Dawson Street. Santry. Tallaght.

Other Irish Locations: Kildare. Limerick. Waterford. Cork. Galway.